Groupage International Moving Services In Toronto

Groupage Service is a term used to describe the consolidation of shipments with other shipments destined to the same country. Focus Moving Services Inc handles hundreds or International shipments a year. This allows us the opportunity to provide a consolidation service to many destinations worldwide. It is a very cost effective and safe option for overseas moving.

How Does It Work?

Our staff will collect your shipment from residence OR our customer can deliver a shipment to our warehouse. We then store the consignment at our warehouse until there is enough volume to load a container to the desired destination. Once the container is ready to load, we load multiple shipments onto the container and arrange the shipping. Our overseas partner agent customs clears the consignment(s) and arranges for delivery of each shipment accordingly.

Do Items Go Missing Or Get Mixed Up With Other Shipments?

We have process and procedures set in place to ensure all items are delivered to destination. Prior to loading from residence or upon receipt at our warehouse, our staff generates a detailed inventory numbering all items that are in the consignment. Accordingly, each item is labeled with the corresponding number and customer name. Each consignment is loaded together; we do not mix them up during the load.

Upon arrival to the destination warehouse, our partner agent checks off each item as it comes off the container. This ensures that all items that were shipped are received at destination.

What Is The Advantage Of Shipping Via Groupage Service?

The biggest advantage of shipping via Groupage Service is the costs savings. As we are shipping multiple consignments on the container, the ocean freight costs are prorated and shared amongst our customers.

Also, our destination service partners offer discounted rates as the volume to their care is increased.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Shipping Via Groupage Service?

Groupage Service is a very popular mode for Overseas shipments. However, the transit time is typically longer than if our customer had an exclusive use container as we wait for the container to have enough volume prior to dispatching it to destination.

Focus Moving Services Inc does offer an alternative service of shipping consignments exclusively which has a lesser transit time.

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Your two staff members that came were extremely polite, efficient, neat, tidy and precise and were more than helpful.
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