Local Moving in Toronto

Focus Moving Services Inc offers consultation and a range of services to assist with your move locally.

Our staff are trained to safely pack your belongings into cartons, wrap all furniture items, load our truck(s) in the most efficient manner, deliver to your new home and unpack the items that our staff packed.

Packing Service Options

Full Packing Service: Our staff will pack the entire content of your home and have everything ready to be safely loaded and moved!

Partial Packing Service: Often customers decide they would like to pack “non breakable” items such as clothes, books, pots/pans etc.. and have our staff pack up the items that could potentially incur damage while in transit if not packed correctly; such as dishware, ornaments, collectibles, pictures, electronics etc.

No Packing: Our staff are happy to load, transport and deliver your household goods and personal effects that our customers pack on their own!

How It Works

Our staff arrives to your home with all the necessary equipment to carry out services. Upon arrival, we will protect your property using floor runners and padding. We will then conduct a walk through to identify which items are to be loaded onto our truck.

Our staff will disassemble items (typically beds and tables) that are deemed necessary to remove from your home and transport safely. Items that do not fit into cartons, such as large furniture items, will be blanket wrapped for protection while in transit.

All items that were identified will be loaded in the most efficient manner to best utilize the space on the truck and to ensure your belongings do not shift while in transit. Upon completion of the load, our driver will conduct a walk through to ensure all items have been included.

Now that your shipment is safely loaded onto our truck, we transport your belonging to your new home!

Upon arrival to your new home, our staff will again protect your property with floor runners and padding. We will conduct a walk through to identify the specific rooms in your home that your items are to be delivered to. Once the walk though is complete, our staff will commence the delivery service by bringing the items into your home and placing them in the rooms that you specify and reassemble items that were dissembled by our staff.

If Focus Moving Services Inc. provided any packing service of cartons we will unpack these items onto a flat surface.

Upon completion of your move, we will ask you to check our truck to ensure all items have been delivered.

Have A Specifc Question?

Get in touch with us so we can better assist you. We love hearing from clients!

I've got nothing but positive things to say about the service Focus Moving provided. From the steady communication from the office to the professional service provided on moving day, they took care of everything.
Moving (in particular overseas) can be an extremely stressful event and Focus did everything to mitigate that stress. Well done!